Putting the Consumer First; Thanking Robert Parker

As wine and spirits journalism continues to grow, from industry giants such as Wine Folly, Vine Pair, SevenFifty, Wine Searcher, and dozens more, the legacy of Robert Parker is indisputable. With a consistent palette and preference, it’s hard to imagine a world without the robust fruit-forward predisposition of one of the country’s first wine critics.

Since 1978, Robert Parker’s impact on the wine industry has been profound. While he stepped down as a full time Editor in Chief of Wine Advocate over 7 years ago, he formally announced his retirement with a final review of a bold Bordeaux, a favorite of his from the beginning.

VinePair recently posted a authoriess post titled: “Did Robert Parker Ruin Wine?” that highlighted the “mixed” legacy the critic leaves on the wine industry, but no pioneer is ever without critics. It’s essential to recognize the 100-point scale and New World publicity, as well as consider how Parker’s writing enabled to potential consumers to begin a discussion regarding wine with new information that had previously be inaccessible. Robert Parker gave consumers the empowerment to like what they like, and to appreciate various aspects of wine.

It’s worth mentioning the business practices that Wine Advocate held, particularly when it has become increasingly rare across industries. The integrity of Robert Parker allowed Wine Advocate to create trust in a world inundated with sponsorship and financial support of those being discussed, filling the press with biased information on wines and wineries, as well as regions.

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