Best Value Red Wines

Pinot Noir (Under $50)

The best value red wines for this round come in the form our favorite grape; Pinot Noir.

A question any sommelier will get a lot is regarding whatever the “best” wine is. There’s no such thing as the best wine.

When it comes down to it, wine, like all other food and beverage, is about YOU. What is your favorite thing to drink? That’s the best one, of course.

Here are some of our favorite go-to wines under $50, all Pinot Noir.

Weingut Hans Johann Schwarz - Blaufrankisch 'The Butcher' 2013 <span>(750ml)</span> <span>(750ml)</span>
Weingut Hans Johann Schwarz “The Butcher” Blaufrankish (Pinot Noir)

Weingut Hans Johann Schwarz “The Butcher” Blaufrankish This wine is around $45, and super hard to find, but a beautiful expression of pinot noir from Austria. My favorite aspect of this wine is the balance of leafy and earth with beautiful red fruit.

Image result for Sanglier River Tusque Pinot Noir"
Sanglier River Tusque Pinot Noir

Sanglier River Tusque Pinot Noir Coming out of Sonoma, CA, the owners are from East Texas, and the southern hospitality certainly shows! The wine has all of the brambly goodness with the spice to keep things interesting. It’s like, $36 on their website.

Image result for André Dezat Sancerre rouge"
André Dezat Sancerre Rouge

André Dezat Sancerre Rouge This is one of my favorite Sancerre producers, so I was super excited about trying their Rouge – 100% Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley. Light and bright with beautiful red fruit, this is a people pleaser, all day. This typically sells for under $30.

These all may be atypical places for Pinot Noir, but they’re fun, accessible, and interesting for even the most discerning palettes.

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