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Wine and Wear is a catch all for everything wine-related for Sommelier Brooke Renée in Dallas, Texas and beyond. This is the wine and wear homepage.

About Brooke Renée and Wine and Wear

No one is more committed to making sure the gears are well-oiled to run smoothly, to focus on growth, development, and innovation.

While studying and pursuing hospitality, I learned the value of people first. I love to build meaningful relationships.

Above all, I found a passion for brand identity, and how that story is translated to consumers and clients through marketing activities.

Combining efficiency with my experience in creation, strategy, and seamless integration inspired by my background in operations.

I specialize in partnerships, collaborations, strategic planning, and event production. Specifically, within international food, wine, luxury goods, and beauty industries.

As a result, I have over a decade of experience in multi-market organizations.

In college studied Specialty Operations, with a focus in wines. I spent my senior year as the Editor in Chief of the Cornellian, Cornell’s yearbook.

My Masters in Communications Management is from the University of Southern California.

I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Also, I’m learning Hebrew and French.

I’m a certified sommelier and often hold wine tastings. I enjoy figure skating, baking, traveling, and jogging with my Shiba Inu, Sherlock.

Life is service.

Sommelier Brooke Renée and Wine and Wear